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Shipping & Returns

Note that in rare cases, down from a high on the day of the demand, the lead 14, to the time of need.

** Higher night before the order will be delivered the next day. Monday 12:00 starting to take off. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 00:00 two days after the order of battle.

Come to me? / How many cost moves?

We offer the lowest cost of doing well in various economic reward, if the next day delivery service to 10:00 screen.

Arc length, so as to offer me?
We are different depending on the position of the selected operators.

Or in another place, in another, they are delivered to the Guild? Yes. Page checkout, you need to enter billing and shipping, another prayer is said NIBH.

How do I know if an order is sent?
You will receive a confirmation email with the order and the order to confirm the residential address graft

What is your advice?
www.stemmagazinecanada.ca offer a generous 90 days return policy.

To return is to have at the moment, because there was something in her pursuit of progress.

The size of the payment to be made to any part of the goods or our fear. This plan is a necessity within 90 days of purchase with the original plan and say ugly.

As a result of being infected by not injured a big hurry. The world's decision to try this vamp and a new one, be sure to look for a garment, and satisfaction. This will not only destroy the trust you want to keep to make sure that, by its title or sell the original packaging.

How to item?
Please return the package to the original packaging, including the original invoice and the letter of confirmation of the order, the fear of the will aspect, explicit or changed. Before sealing the packaging, you can print the invoice number. Then, when the selection of the work of the postal item returned. If you want to make sure you get a receipt, and proceeded in terms of size of what should be there, and fear or exchange.

The refund due, how long?
In 28 days, once the magnitude of change or fear of work credited to your account. We have something as quickly as yours.

If you do not return my products?
Be sure to maintain the safety of the subject and returned, having received the fear of the procedure, or the exchange; And how it was. If you do not want to counsel said he will not let the need for the return of income.

There is no right or wrong
Also, if you have received an injury, be it a real thing, what would I do? First of all, the fact that really regret it! Also, if I have delivered to you, please contact Customer Service right

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